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Planning for Moments

By Kiip

The real impact of IoT on marketing
Connected devices allows us to plan for and measure moments

Allows us to model intent on the basis of usage of devices – moments are directly connected to an action/series of actions by a consumer – typically triggered through app activity

Passive Moments leads to automation leads to detectable intent triggers/ moments which are non intrusive with permission built in

Moment Types:

By adding proximity to the equation we start to build connected moments (how does connections planning change when we move from connecting funnel activations to moment activations)

Example: Rewards based on understanding of upcoming moments

Example: Oral B at MWC

Predict intent / upcoming moment using narrow AI that is digesting device data signals.

Understanding the new nature of instant gratification – The “connect” and “instant” generation: postmates/instacart/uber

Messaging gives us moments driven by human phrases – machines understanding and responding to natural language prompts from a human

The Connected Generation: the death of traditional segment (by age etc). Segment by intent in the moment.

We are moving to a Moments based CRM:

Far more powerful than content based intent modeling. As long as brands add value to the moment, instead of abusing it for push-based messaging.

This post originally appeared on on March 11, 2016

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