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The food and beverage industry continues to evolve

A category leader, the Food & Beverage Specialty of MSLGROUP North America is an expert team of nearly 100 people devoted to creating economic value for the nation's food and beverage industry.

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The Food & Beverage Specialty of MSLGROUP North America houses the MSLGROUP Culinary & Nutrition Center and operates offices around the country representing leading food and beverage brands.

The specialty spans the entire food and beverage category from food marketing to communications for food commodities, packaged foods, foodservice, restaurant, healthcare, nutrition and pet foods. The agency offers services to support all the key category consumption drivers from taste to nutrition, design, culture, recommendation and reputation.

The Food & Beverage Specialty also includes the agency's deep food expertise in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and links to MSLGROUP's additional expertise in Europe and Asia. We are able to look beyond geography and build innovative solutions around client needs. 

Some of our services include:

  • Product introductions,brand marketing, crisis and issues management, influencer communications,digital communications
  • CPG, commodities,government, foodservice
  • Test kitchens, RDs on staff, government ties, consumer lifestyle marketing 

The MSLGROUP North America Culinary & Nutrition Center

The MSLGROUP Culinary & Nutrition Center underscores the importance we place on the relevance of food and nutrition for our clients. With both foodservice and consumer test kitchens, we are able to develop recipes and food applications that lend relevance to our culinary and nutrition education programs. The center is managed by two full-time on-staff Registered Dietitians.

In addition, the Nutrition Marketing & Research Institute is the center's in-house think tank, conducting independent research and gaining insights into issues of importance to culinary and nutrition professionals. 

Research & Insights

In addition to in-depth sensory tests and consumer surveys, we also regularly conduct proprietary research. Most recently, we partnered with The Hartman Group on a landmark syndicated study called CLICKS & CRAVINGS: The Impact of Social Technology on Food CultureA second wave of the study will focus just on moms and food in the digital media space.

Digital and social media work in the food and beverage category is already a huge part of our business and studies like Clicks & Cravings help us to continually create fresh, customized solutions for food and beverage clients that connect our deep insight to the latest technologies and trends. In tandem with smart communications counsel, the Clicks & Cravings report is a powerful tool to help food & beverage brands strategize their approach to social and digital media. We'd be happy to help you!


If you would like more information about hiring our food & beverage marketing team, e-mail

If you would like more information about joining our food & beverage marketing team, e-mail