A sector that's changing the world, economically and democratically

There has never been a more exciting time than now to be working in information technology.

After a few dark years with the dot com collapse, Y2K, and the downturn in telecommunications, many were left wondering where the revolution in technology was coming from.  In the past year, however, the true revolution has been emerging - that of convergence.

Convergence delivers true interoperability, true user-friendliness and true business value.  Many people, whether from a consumer or professional perspective, are starting to realize the benefits of web-oriented applications. New devices are changing the way we work and play, and the Internet is breaking out of buildings and delivering seamless computing to millions.

At the same time, new, vibrant companies with very small corporate footprints are emerging to challenge previously dominant organizations.  The global micro-brand is becoming a reality with the web at the center of virtual and virtualized businesses.  Technology from emerging countries is challenging the hierarchy of existing markets.

How can these micro-brands capitalize on their window of opportunity?  What is their long-term strategy?  How can the dominant player in the market respond to these companies with the right communications and tone of voice to defend their reputation and ability to innovate?  What are the narratives for both of these types of organizations?  What are the best channels and networks to connect to their customers?

MSLGROUP's global technology team asks all of these questions and more to help both disruptive and traditional organizations best communicate their vision, goals and expertise to their audiences.  Whether it's traditional business-to-business or business-to-consumer campaigns with mainstream media or direct engagement with early adopters in beta programs through socialized media networks, our experts are able to develop strategies that map on to business objectives and create compelling and useful campaigns to engage your audiences.

Our programs have addressed stakeholders of all kinds, whether they are end-users, industry bodies, independent or house-based analysts, consumers or CEOs. We plan and manage local and international campaigns at every level from strategic planning, message development, media training, reviews programs, launch events, beta programs and end user engagement right through to analyst relations presentations, strategy days, investor relations and vision days.

In London, our clients include top enterprise consulting companies Atos Origin and ThoughtWorks, a global agile software development company; Corel, a leading developer of graphics, productivity and digital media software; broadcast and digital television specialist OpenTV, mobile companies such as ethnic MVNO Lebara Mobile and leading Indian mobile games developer Jump Games; and consumer and professional hardware companies such as Philips.


In the U.S., MSLGROUP is firmly rooted in the heart of Silicon Valley, representing brands in digital entertainment, online auction, computer peripherals and social networks. Our experience with venture capital firms in the hot market of meta search (SideStep, SimplyHired), mobile technologies, (July Systems, Cingular Wireless), digital broadcast connectivity, (OpenTV, Philips DVRs) and stalwart brands such as Hewlett Packard Company, eBay and Google, has helped us build a reputation for building tremendously successful brands in growth markets.

Our experience extends from deep inside the enterprise right into the home and the hand.  Our technology team is comprised of specialists that work closely with colleagues globally building customized and strategic programs specially designed for each client and their business needs.