Whoever we are, we are all consumers

Due to an evolving economic landscape, shifting consumer and family values, communications strategies must be re-examined and tailored by category to meet new consumer needs.

Many iconic brands are disappearing and other brands are at risk of failing. At MSLGROUP, we feel that brands that don't work toward distinction, risk extinction.

Brand Distinction is our consumer marketing approach to understand a brand's extinction risk and distinction opportunity. This concept is based on consumer research conducted online among 1,000 adults 18+ to capture current and evolving brand values in key consumer categories.  From this we developed the Brand Distinction INDEX, a proprietary scoring method to identify gaps between brand messaging and consumer brand decision priorities, to help brands understand their extinction risk and distinction opportunity.

Our expertise in focusing on differentiating brands at key moments to transform attitudes, loyalty and action is the underpinning of a broad range of pillars of excellence at MSLGROUP, including:

  • Automotive & motion marketing
  • Consumer engagement/life-stages
  • Consumer technology & digital living
  • Customer acquisition
  • Diversity marketing
  • Durable goods
  • Entertainment
  • Event marketing
  • Fashion/Apparel/Beauty
  •  Food & beverage
  • Home improvement/design
  •  Luxury goods
  • Marketing to men
  • Marketing to women
  • Media
  • Medical aesthetics & dermatology
  • Packaged goods
  • Pets
  •  Retail
  • Social media
  • Sports marketing
  •  Travel & leisure
  • Youth marketing

What makes MSLGROUP consumer marketing different? At the heart of our creative approach is our desire to take our clients to unexpected places. We do this by creating work that breaks through the clutter, work that is both distinctive and effective. We also:

  • Specialize in building brand and category image, impacting behavioral changes, securing optimal coverage through a broad range of mediums and exceeding marketing objectives.
  •  Observe, live, infiltrate and leverage pop culture.
  • Get inside the mindset of our target audience and, using research from our dedicated Consumer Insights Group, figure out how brands can best connect to those we would like to reach.
  • Utilize just about every contemporary marketing communications tactic and tool available. If what we need doesn't exist, we create new ones to get the job done and the results we want.

Our core consumer marketing services include the following:

Consumer Media Relations

Our Consumer Media Department has a distinctive approach that results in consistent, accurate and top-tier coverage for our clients, both online and offline.

Led by a team of former broadcast journalists, producers and media specialists, we've developed personal one-on-one relationships with the top general news, trend, fashion, retail, business and technology journalists and bloggers on everyone's "wish list." We call them the Lifestyle 100 - the top agenda-setting national print, broadcast and online media. Our approach is to tailor every story to meet their needs. Our team members immerse themselves in the needs and changes occurring within the media landscape. From knowledge of and relationships with the newest senior producer at Good Morning America to the latest lifestyle writer at USA Today, the consumer media relations department staff are our eyes and ears in this dynamic media marketplace.

IM MSLGROUP: Influencer Marketing at its Best

MSLGROUP full-service influencer marketing specialty group, IM MSLGROUP is a demonstration of our commitment to creating communications programming that goes beyond traditional media relations. IM stands for both "I am" to underscore the power of the consumer in the 21st century, as well as influencer marketing. IM MSLGROUP leverages the collective strength of our expertise in insight creation, influencer engagement, entertainment and digital marketing to deliver programs that break through the clutter, both online and off, connect with consumers and sell product.

IM MSLGROUP has built a reputation as one of the industry's pioneers and pre-eminent offerings in the arena of influencer and word-of-mouth marketing. In addition to creating industry-leading work for several of our largest clients, IM MSLGROUP has been recognized with four Silver Anvil Awards - the industry's 'Oscar' - for the most effective and innovative influencer marketing work.

IM MSLGROUP unique approach to influencer marketing is designed to identify and mobilize the distinctive "few" who can most effectively reach the many. IM MSLGROUP has built proprietary methodologies to cost-effectively reach the most targeted influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors in the online and off-line worlds. At the core of our approach, IM MSLGROUP utilizes the IM Model and a number of distinctive tools such as IM Mapping, Influencer Relationship Management and IM Panels to help guide program creation and execution.

In addition to creating new tools, IM MSLGROUP has sponsored and designed research reports to examine the process by which Influencers gather and pass along information. In 2006, we developed "Inside the Conversations of the Conversation Catalysts," an industry first that delved into the DNA of word-of-mouth conversations. The report is the largest and most comprehensive study of the brand-related conversations of consumer influencers. According to the study, 32 million word-of-mouth leaders, known as Conversation Catalysts, are involved in 184 word-of-mouth conversations a week, more than 1.5 times the average consumer. The team uses insights like these to help create breakthrough programming.

And in 2008, IM MSLGROUP created the "IM MSLGROUP Roadmap to Maximizing Digital Influence," which was fielded by Ipsos Public Affairs to isolate the drivers that motivate influencers to share information gathered on-line. A total of 939 Digital Influencers in the categories of Beauty, Environment and Personal Health were surveyed to discover the attitudes, motivations and actions of these key individuals, which helps us determine the most effective methods of generating buzz and maximizing content shareability

Digital & Social Media Communications - MSLGROUP Digital

MSLGROUP Digital is an industry-leading, full-service interactive practice, specializing in helping clients capitalize on the multidirectional, digital discourse taking place online. We work with our offices around the world to provide industry-leading digital counsel and support for several local and large, global clients. Our integrated global offering includes distinct capabilities in North America, continental Europe, the U.K., and Asia. We have deep expertise in web design, content management, blog development and management, blogger media relations, program- and product-based microsites, database development, viral videos, online newsrooms, interactive infographics and online corporate sustainability reporting.

MSLGROUP builds online awareness for new product launches through several methods, including outreach to Web influencers. Through a proprietary database of key online product reviewers and word-of-mouth influencers, we drive consideration and trial of client products into strategic web sites used for research by would-be purchasers. In addition, we work with bloggers and message board moderators to create timely online conversations around products at critical points in the sales cycle.

We stimulate our Activism Marketing approach to leverage passion points and online influencers, to move beyond connections and fans and create real movements between brands and people. We ensure that savvy brands take action in the four elements of social media - Conversation, Community, Content and Conversion - to effectively connect with their publics.

Entertainment Marketing

MSLGROUP Entertainment helps brands fuse marketing and entertainment by creating branded opportunities that reach the target and deliver strong business results. The group serves as a key consultant for our clients who wish to explore and build a presence in the worlds of entertainment and partnership marketing. We start with a true understanding of a brand, its culture and business objectives to identify consistent, differentiating opportunities that help drive sales, equity and publicity.

Our entertainment marketing division serves as a brand promoter and protector in the world of pop culture by forging strategic alliances with entertainment content, celebrities and influencers that resonate at retail. Operating as a bi-coastal boutique with ties to major studios, production companies and entertainment insiders, this division leverages MSLGROUP deep strategic brand marketing, special event, influencer seeding and publicity credentials. Our team also has extensive expertise in talent and entertainment negotiations, celebrity outreach, events, festivals, award shows and branded entertainment.

If you would like more information about joining our global consumer marketing team, e-mail