Brand & Talent

The "talent agenda" has risen to a top 3 board level priority

Brand & Talent is all about selecting the right strategy to tackle the business challenge at hand - whether that is helping your people understand, navigate and successfully manage change as a result of external market forces or internal initiatives to gain competitive advantage; trying to find the right employees to fuel growth in emerging markets; or any of a range of approaches the get more from your investment in people.

As such, we are both media- and discipline-neutral. We do not have a solution in mind when we approach your challenge - and we don't have a "heritage" bias (for example, coming from a Human Capital consulting, Measurement, Events, or Recruitment Advertising background).

So for some organisations the solution might be a website with fully integrated social media; for another it might be a low-production value set of workshops where managers engage their teams in face to face discussion; for another it might be creating high-tech, high-impact interactive experiences to raise profile and presence on campus. Another client might need to refresh their values, while another needs support in building a storytelling culture within their business. Yet another might need a pure PR campaign to raise awareness in the right trade media.

In other words, we come up with the solution that works for you, not the one that we recommend to all our clients.

At the heart of our approach is the employee lifecycle: the experience you promise and the experience you deliver as an organisation - before, during and after you employ someone. If there is a single focus for our approach, this is it: it's about alignment and what we call a "joined up" approach that encompasses the needs of brand, marketing, human resources, corporate communications, internal communications and IT.

There are many challenges in navigating these functions and getting it right, but the rewards are worth it and speak for themselves.