Events and Experiential

The magic of live events

MSLGROUP experiential agencies specialize in attracting attention in a world where attention is in short supply. We work closely with our clients to create immersive experiences that connect brands and their audiences in unique and unforgettable ways.

We provide full-service experiential capabilities from developing strategic plans to concept development, creative, production and execution. Whether it is a national retail promotion, a mobile marketing tour, production of the World Economic Forum, delivering an international conference in Abu Dhabi, a fashion show in Shanghai or the reveal of a new technology in Las Vegas - our expertise allows ideas and brand messages to come to life in the real world with the same passion and integrity with which they were conceived. Our productions range from one-to-one consumer experiences all the way to large-scale conferences and sales meetings, but our results all have one thing in common - delivering attention-grabbing campaigns that connect brands and institution with people.