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Riding the Next Wave of Digital Media

By Joey Silver, Account Executive, MSL

What is the importance of creating personalized experiences for consumers? For brands the answer is value – creating more value in the brand/consumer relationship. And, when the consumer feels valued, all parties win. According to Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer of IBM, at dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference) in Cologne, Germany, brands must put the consumer at the center. This matters more now than ever as brands attempt to break through the digital noise.

When a consumer has a unique and personalized interaction or experience with a brand, the consumer becomes more loyal to that brand. The consumer feels his or her voice is heard, and in turn, the brand sees increased sales, long-term loyalty and higher ROI. In order to close the gap between the consumer and the brand, our PR/marketing efforts must revolve around a deeper understanding of the consumer’s values, preferences and lifestyle. In fact, experts say that the consumer’s experience with the brand should be connected (across all channels), personalized (highly relevant, not just their name in a birthday e-mail), and exist in real-time (meeting the consumer’s need). Sophie Blum, VP of Brand Building for Procter & Gamble, notes that driving our brands requires human relationships, an open environment for innovation and a knowledge of the competitive landscape.

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By creating personalized experiences for consumers, communicators and marketers need to engage with the world in a new way. IBM’s Bob Lord emphasized augmented intelligence as a priority for communications professionals. A brand must conduct real-time two-way conversations with consumers in order to strengthen its relationships. “For our industry to survive and thrive, it is our responsibility to provide consumers with access and experience like they’ve never had before,” he said.

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, strongly believes in the power of mass one-to-one communication. “In order to accelerate that process, we need to understand deep consumer insights. Data is essential, especially at P&G, but beyond that, ensuring the right people have the data and knowing what we’re trying to achieve with the data will make it most powerful,” he said.

The experts are all lining up behind the need to understand the benefits of augmented intelligence and one-to-one communication at scale. How will marketers put the consumer at the center of everything brands do? How will augmented intelligence enhance communication rather than overtake it? How will mass one-to-one communication keep brands afloat in the digital landscape? One thing is clear — we’re at the starting line for the next wave of digital media.



Joey Silver

Joey Silver is an executive in the consumer P&G practice of MSL responsible for day-to-day account activity, client relations, event planning, influencer program strategy and execution.

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