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Discovering the Boston Office for a Day

By Melanie Ford, Assistant Account Executive, MSLGROUP

Did you know that MSLGROUP employees can take up to two “Discovery Days” per year to work out of a different office? With manager approval, account staff of any level can extend a trip to a certain area to learn from other teams in the network. Our global agency attracted my inner wanderlust for many reasons, but the opportunity to experience the work I love in different locations is high on my list!

In March, I requested a Discovery Day in the Boston office. Boston is the second East Coast MSL office I’ve visited outside of my home office in Atlanta. I’ve also had to chance to visit our Washington, D.C. colleagues, which happens to be my hometown

First things first: I booked this trip before the Falcons and Patriots were final contenders in The Big Game, or our offices went head to head in the #MSLSuperBrawl social media challenge. Rivalries aside, I braved the New England winter to visit my good college friend — who is an MSL coworker now, too – for the weekend and a day at the office.

MSL Boston FrolleaguesAfter a weekend of exploring countless boutiques on Newbury Street, the beautiful Boston Commons and Cambridge neighborhoods, the history of Fanuiel Hall, and of course, indulging in some delicious clam “chowda” and lobster mac and cheese, I stopped by the MSLGROUP Boston office to meet some new frolleagues.

While physical spaces may differ from city to city, MSLGROUP employees share a strong commonality: we’re all go-getters. As I settled in and knocked out some immediate deliverables for my primary client, the team asked around to see what meetings I could join. I shadowed a technology team meeting and learned that the Boston office was behind the coverage for the awesome Wix commercial that aired during the Big Game that featured Jason Statham from “The Transporter” series and Gal Gadot from “Fast and Furious.”



In addition to professional intel, I also picked up on some office culture. One Boston team member, who is also a yoga instructor, gave me tips on office wellness. We swapped standing desk suggestions and talked about the hip-hop yoga class she led for the office during a recent lunch break. Much like the Atlanta office, the Boston team was also preparing for upcoming St. Paddy’s Day and March Madness festivities.

That’s one thing I love seeing in different MSL offices: employees, especially junior employees, can help inspire and drive the office culture. The offices have initiatives to support good ideas and to engage employees. For me, that’s a huge part of being happy in the place where I spend most of my waking hours.

After a lunchtime Starbucks run, I made the rounds to meet more of the team and its leaders, which evolved into discussing overlapping client industries. We talked about conferences our teams had attended and exchanged cards with plans to collaborate down the road.

MSL Boston Danielle Wuschke

I snuck out that evening just before a major snowstorm hit, but my visit was a great learning experience, both personally and professionally. I’ve heard it over and over from senior leadership and am beginning to see it for myself as well: it’s the people that make the place, and that’s absolutely true at MSLGROUP.

If you’re not one for travel, you can still utilize the “Power of One” network to collaborate. You may just find a wealth of insight and ideas from another team in your network who works in a similar client space. I sure did!




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Melanie Ford is an assistant account executive on the consumer marketing team in MSLGROUP’s Atlanta office.


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