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5 PR Hacks Every Young Professional Should Know

Detroit PhotoJust about anybody will tell you that an internship will serve as one of the biggest learning curves in your professional career. Whether it’s a training, hands-on experience or a research project, interns juggle the challenge between learning and productivity on a day to day basis – and it’s not easy! It is imperative to keep up with the many trends and styles of journalists, especially in the world of PR.

Here at MSLGROUP’s Detroit office, the automotive industry drives our business with high expectations. For example, we keep up with the automotive beat, such as car launches and big reveals. Thanks to help from our mentors, as well as some trial and error, we’ve found a few valuable resources to help us keep up with our projects. Whether it’s developing media lists, locating media coverage or conducting research – these “handy dandies” will help you move along at an efficient pace.

GhostCodes (Snapchat)

Looking for influencers? This helpful app allows you to locate them based on their Snapchat stats. GhostCodes reveals the number of followers that a certain Snapchatter has – information usually hidden in the actual Snapchat app. Extremely user-friendly, GhostCodes sorts Snapchatters into categories, making the hunt for the next big influencer a breeze.

Muckrack – Who Shared?

While trying to find the metrics for a particular outlet is a daunting task in itself, trying to find the metrics for a specific article is even harder. The “Who Shared?” feature on Muckrack makes this task a little less intimidating. Simply enter the URL for the article in question, and Muckrack will give the total number of social shares, the journalist reach and a share breakdown by network.


Imagine this scenario: You’re finishing up a huge PowerPoint presentation for one of your clients. You try to email it off to your client contact, but oh no! The file is too large to send. What do you do? Use WeTransfer! WeTransfer allows you to send files up to 2 GB (whereas most email providers only allow attachments up to 25 MB) for free.

Google Analytics

Need help monitoring your client’s social media accounts? Google Analytics is here to save the day. Google Analytics gives key insights into your audience – from the time of day they interact with your content, to where they are around the globe and more.

Twitter Advanced Search 

There are over 310 million Twitter users around the globe and tweets in over 40 languages. If, by chance, you’re looking for something specific, how do you sift through all of those tweets? You can use Twitter’s Advanced Search, a lesser-known tool that enables search by account, keyword, hashtag, dates and locations. The world of Twitter is now your oyster.

So, to our fellow interns and MSLGROUP family, don’t be afraid to try new things, especially tools that help you be more efficient! Whether it’s “stalking” potential influencers with GhostCodes or Twitter Advanced Search, sending large files or finding better ways to gauge metrics, there are resources to help you get the job done. These hacks will help you be more efficient, forward-thinking and ambitious. Happy hacking!

Harry Drake is a 2016 Summer Insider for MSLGROUP’s Detroit office. Prior to joining the agency this paDetroit insiders picst May, he held two internships – one in politics, and one in non-profit. He graduated from Michigan State University in May 2016 where he received his Master’s in Public Relations. You can connect with him via LinkedIn.

Ameerah Shakoor is a 2016 Summer Insider for MSLGROUP’s Detroit office. Before her internship, she worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Corporate Communications department for two years. She is a current junior at Howard University and will obtain her Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Spanish in May 2018. If she’s not writing, you’ll usually find her cooking, watching the Travel Channel or obsessing over the latest episode of Scandal. Connect with her on LinkedIn, or on her newly-launched blog,

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In 2016, MSLGROUP celebrates the 10th anniversary of our flagship internship program, the Summer Insiders Challenge! This year we received hundreds of applications for just 30 slots in 7 offices across the network, and the program has been profiled in the industry trades and in The New York Times. Our program is an 8-12 week paid internship experience where our Summer Insiders are embedded within a practice and assigned to various account teams. Combining client work with both collaboration on a demanding group project and active participation in our summer training curriculum, the Challenge offers a strong learning experience and grooms aspiring talent across the agency.

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